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April 28, 2012 § 19 Comments

This blog is dedicated to fighting back against spam pests – because let’s face it, they’re a little out of control at the moment and the law isn’t on our side (yet) in Singapore. We’re talking particularly about SMS spam here, but we’ll move on to email spam shortly. These rude, invasive clowns are a public menace – sure there are more pressing problems around the place, but here’s one that is still worthy of some grassroots insurgent activity. Home tuition agencies, aggressive property agents, insurance agents and Herbalife primitive life forms – you have been warned.

On this blog you’ll find, in the pages on the left hand side, ideas on what to do with SMS spam, and a List of Singapore SMS Spam Pests. So fight back … assuming you choose not to:

[1] ignore it and suffer it silently, like 99.9% of people (and that’s why they keep doing it, btw);

[2] take them up on their offer (you’re actively encouraging them – we’ll set up a blog for you idiots soon);

[3] hit the “UN” option at the end of the SMS (if this is you, I’ve got some very sad news for you …)

Keep it legal, no threats, and no personal abuse. You’re merely trying to give these people a smack, remember.

Happy anti-spamming.

Victor Charlie