Zoominfo – spam database

This is an interesting one – a whole organisation predicated on spam. This cancerous spam database scrapes email addresses off the web and sells them to third parties. You may be on it. Whatever you do, don’t follow their instructions to “unsubscribe”. Contact any of the following people, with any grievances you have:

These are the main members of the Zoominfo management team. By all means send them lots of spam. We’ll get phone numbers etc soon:
And these are the names, companies and email addies of investors in the Zoominfo spam database. Suggest write to them and ask them if they appropriately considered the risks of this particular venture.
Christopher Lynch General Partner, Ascent Venture Partners clynch@ascentvp.com
Walter Dick Ascent Venture Partners wdick@ascentvp.com
Matt Fates Ascent Venture Partners mfates@ascentvp.com
Brian Girvan Ascent Venture Partners bgirvan@ascentvp.com
Chris Lynch Ascent Venture Partners clynch@ascentvp.com
Geoff Oblak Ascent Venture Partners goblak@ascentvp.com
Michael T. Fitzgerald Commonwealth Venture Capital mfitz@ccvlp.com
Elliot M. Katzman Commonwealth Venture Capital elliot@ccvlp.com
Stephen McCormack Commonwealth Venture Capital steve@ccvlp.com
Cheryl A. Kerrigan Commonwealth Venture Capital cheryl@ccvlp.com
Steve Ricci Flagship Ventures sricci@flagshipventures.com
Flagship Ventures gsieczkiewicz@flagshipventures.com
Noubar Afeyan Flagship Ventures nafeyan@FlagshipVentures.com
Ed Kania Flagship Ventures ekania@FlagshipVentures.com
Doug Cole Flagship Ventures dcole@FlagshipVentures.com
Jim Matheson Flagship Ventures jmatheson@FlagshipVentures.com
Harry Wilcox Flagship Ventures hwilcox@FlagshipVentures.com
David Berry Flagship Ventures dberry@FlagshipVentures.com
Ignacio Martinez Flagship Ventures imartinez@FlagshipVentures.com
Geoff Whitehead Flagship Ventures gwhitehead@FlagshipVentures.com
Michael Johnson Flagship Ventures mjohnson@FlagshipVentures.com
Brian Ascher Venrock bascher@venrock.com
Fred Aslan, M.D. Venrock faslan@venrock.com
Nick Beim Venrock nbeim@venrock.com
Mike Brooks Venrock mbrooks@venrock.com

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