Spam SMS – What to do

Firstly, check to see if the mobile number is listed under “List of Singapore SMS Spam Pests” on the left hand side of the blog (we’ll create a page for each one). If it is, do what we suggest below. If it’s not, send us details (Comments).

Why. We’ll list all spam SMSs from spam pests received by us or others. We would like to smack SMS pests in the face, and make them realise that spam SMSs are not a free kick: they carry risk, and the disrespect and invasion of privacy can fly right back at them. The purpose of listing these details here is (1) so that the numbers/details are indexed by internet search engines and will be displayed if someone receives a spam SMS and searches on that number, and they can take action (2) so that this serves as a disincentive for spam pests [they will be made aware of this blog] and potential spam pests.

Adding to the list. If you are reading this and receive a new spam SMS, please write in the Comments with lots of details. If you are reading this and you sent a spam SMS, well, firstly, repent and commit yourself to good works, and secondly, sit back and relax and be prepared to make some new friends. We’ll revise the list in 12 months or so, and maybe we’ll take your number off the blog if you have been on best behaviour. Then again, if you’re an ambulance chasing property agent, run a tuition/tutor agency, or are associated with Herbalife, well maybe not, because we really don’t like you lot  …

Show them you care. Do what you like with the spam pest details listed here, but please no abuse or personal threats. You may want to, for example, send them SMSs to tell them what the weather is like, or recite a little poetry, at 11pm on a weeknight, or 6.30am on a balmy Singapore morning, or tell them you are a potential client (and leave the details of another spam pest so they start wasting each other’s time). At the bottom of this page are links to the free web-to-sms services of the three mobile network providers in Singapore. Our main weapon here is the fact that we know their handphone number (almost always, they will try to conceal this because they want their privacy protected while they are splattering spam across the place; these handphone numbers took quite some digging in most cases, so use them). Call them up – let their number ring a few times before hanging up and it won’t cost a cent. But of course sending them an SMS from the web-to-SMS services is free and easy.

Emails also. Email addresses are also useful if you want to send them 4mb attachments … 20 times over, so their little Blackberries go into meltdown. The Singtel annual report for 2009 we think is an underappreciated document, and should be sent to spam pests, many times over. There are other things you can do of course, slightly naughtier, but we can’t condone them (ahem, Craigslist, anyone ? …). Or you could sign them up for sms alerts, like this one for Dengue Fever alerts: Remember, dengue is a killer.

Free web-to-sms services in Singapore. Easy to use, there are web-based services for Singtel, Starhub and M1. For Singtel you need to create a free account first. These services will provide you with anonymity and allow you to send spam pests LOTS of free SMSs to let them know you are thinking of them. If you have a few minutes to kill – go for it. No abuse or threats please. By all means point the spam pests towards this blog. What is REALLY FUN is leaving a spam pest a message to call you back … and then give them the handphone number of another spam pest. It’s a bit like watching a dog chase its tail, only far more rewarding.

You need to know what network the mobile phone number belongs to for the following three web-to-sms services, so you can use the appropriate one.




§ 32 Responses to Spam SMS – What to do

  • Jim says:

    8498 7344
    This person from Star Zest tuition agency sends lots of spam SMS.. told them to unsubscribe me by calling their office a few times but doesn’t work..

    • Thanks ! Now we already have the head of Star Zest’s mobile on the site – see “List of Singapore SMS Spam Pests” on the left hand side. What you should do is ring or web-SMS him, repeatedly, to let him know about your displeasure …

      Victor Charlie

      • Terence Mak says:

        Victor Charlie,

        I now have the email address and contacts for the Knight Frank Management . Can you post them on line. If everyone writes to them for every spam sms they send out. I believe they will learn their lesson.

      • Terence – if you have mobile numbers, great, send them over, together with the carrier (M1, Starhub or Singtel) they are with.

  • Lucky says:

    VIctor u chao ang moh right?

  • Terence Mak says:

    Pls give me a email address and I forward the email to you. It has the Executive Chairman, MD, and the PA. All the right people.

    • Just stick it here Terence. Clown called Jason from Knight Frank has been sending out more spam SMSs. His mobile number is listed on this site – please send him messages. If it’s good info I’ll also put it up in the main table. Pls use the free web-to-sms facilities I’ve listed to ascertain which carrier the mobile numbers belong to. Thanks a lot !

  • Be11a says:

    The fight against Starzest is not yielding results! They are still at it!!!

    JOB50726 O level English,Chinese $240/ 4 lessons/2 hr@Woodlands Street 41. Login ID Your hp no Password starzest

    • Suggest you spam the mobile phone number of the founder of Star Zest, Alan Han (Wei Law). He has two mobiles, 96447805 (M1) and 97807243 (Singtel). There are free web-to-sms services (links on this blog), and you can also set up Craigslist ads with his contact details. You need to invade his privacy. Good luck

  • punish spammers says:

    Money lender – M1 85467648

  • Stop spam says:

    CashCredit – Jack 84116149

  • Onomnom says:

    Hi, I received this unsolicited SMS …

    “FSS Credit Specialist in Personal Financial Assts
    -Short term package
    -Fast Approval
    -Easy to apply
    -95% approval rate
    Call/Sms Jenson :91748615”

  • pissed with sms spammers says:

    Glad to find this site…2 mths ago, I got some calls on some property queries, thinking that I’m an agent. From then on, I got spammed with agent smses, updates on property listings. I suspected the stoopid agent advertise my number instead of his/hers. How and where do I lodge complaint?

  • YC says:

    Received this spam sms without Adv in the opening form Credit Expert Specialist from Bryan 84243987

  • Bb says:

    Got this recently from a “FSS Credit”

    “We provide Business, Personal, & Micro financial solution to ease your mind. Fast, easy & hassle free application. Consult Elson now @91755635″…. wonder if it’s loanshark.

  • HW says:

    I just changed my number just to get spam from some tuition assignments. These two numbers sends the same thing –
    92710799 92710790

    And 3 other numbers that only sent me once that’s all.

  • FightBackTime says:

    I’ve been getting this SMS from some stupid money lender on DAILY basis and when I call him asking him to stop or I will report to the police, he threaten me to do so.

    Obviously when you call police they can’t do anything about it!!! Very frustrating!

    Spammer No: 93471338 – M1 customer

    Hello Boss, A very good day to u. This is Bill from AA Money Finance. Loan amount up to $20,000. Interest as low as 10%. Longer term of repayment method. Call me up for more details!!.

  • CM says:

    I received a nonsense SMS from tel no : 91065577 saying such disrepectful things : “OWE MONEY PAY MONEY. BETTER TRANSFER 500 INTO 124-287-111 POSB SAVING BY 7PM. IF NOT I WILL BURN YOUR FUCKING HSE. DONT BELIEVE TRY ME.”

    I don’t even know who is this person and why he got my number. He is also stupid to put up a POSB account number, making it easy for police to track him down.

    Please let me know how I can prevent such further incidents from occurring again.

  • Blondie says:

    Same case as FightBackTime but different lender details. I unsubscribed so many times still getting messages daily. I called them twice and twice they threatened me.

    Spammer number: +65 8278 6149
    Message starts with:
    Hello Boss, A very good day to you. This is Samual here from C&CaC credit finance…. [and so on]

  • tjoram says:

    Kings Credit
    Phone number that comes supplied with SMS is 90860304
    Guy’s name is Max.

    They are a “money lending company”.

  • tjoram says:

    Bankers Assist
    9086 3292 – Lucas
    Singtel number.

  • Nitroman says:

    I’ve been getting this SPAM SMS from some Loan Company

    “We offer Personal or Business Assistance! Low Interest+Quick & Easy Approval Applications made with no documentation. Call/Sms 90890171 – Gordon- XpressCreds”

    “We offer Personal or Business Assistance! Low Interest+Quick & Easy Approval Applications made with no documentation. Call/Sms 90869791 -Sam- XpressCreds”

    Both number are from Singtel.

  • Chong says:

    +6582921452 another Star Zest Tuition Spam. Every other day message will come on time like female period.

  • AhLee says:

    Money Lender 8344 8752 (Allen)
    Using Singtel

  • Junie says:

    Q& M Dental
    Q & M Medical
    I told Q & M Dental to stop sending me unsolicited SMSes.
    It stopped.
    Then Q & M Medical started sending me unsolicited SMSes.
    I told them to stop and still receive the junk SMS.
    This is coming from a well-established company resorting to illegal means to promote their service, which is unfortunately non-existent.
    I paid $80 to have NO WORK DONE on my teeth except to receive a sales talk on how root canal is going to solve my problem. It cost $1500 PER TOOTH. After that, I started receiving their junk SMSes. I can clearly see where their interest lie.

  • Chris says:

    Calvin – Knight Frank 97369890 Starhub

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