Other Singapore Anti-Spam sites

Check these out:




§ 10 Responses to Other Singapore Anti-Spam sites

  • eLohkCalb says:

    Glad to see that you are still active in fighting spams. I have been tracking spammers for more than 2 years now, most likely I’ll draft up a statistical report at the end of the year, and let’s see who wins the top spamming award. šŸ™‚

  • Webmaster says:

    The guy who owns this site

    WordPress just send email to you ā€“ do reset the password as it Is changed,
    While doing it ā€“ we will track your IP ā€“ best of luck.

    I have no issue on the concept of this website, but they way it is used
    To describe is abusive ā€“ even violates TOC of wordpress.com

    Your Iā€™d (spamblocksg) is tagged to gmail account which is tagged to your mobile ā€“ as such ā€“ hang in there pal ā€“ you will hear from us.

    Hopefully your site still active as it might be shutdown anytime

    • Haha, nice try. If the WordPress webmaster is really as illiterate and inarticulate as you are, then God help them. Fuck off you dickhead. And if you shut them down, or this site down, oooohhh, well spank my big fat bottom with a leaf of lettuce, I’m roooly rooooly scared. These anti-spam sites are doing a public service, dickhead, so just fuck off. And by the way, I don’t know about the site you’re talking about, but the people behind this one aren’t even based in Singapore.

  • There are too many Fake/ Illegal/ Unlicensed Spammer/ Sender/ Advertiser around, including Spam Marathon/ Relay from high-class financial institutions.

    Even though I do not like spam messages, I do not agree that sharing of full contact of the crook to public masses are being responsible/ professional.

    For email (maybe for phone as well), it is actually quite fun to see all low-quality messages (in spam folder) being trashed with a simple click on Empty!

  • Another thing, I am actually quite skeptic on the above link on elohkcalb sms spammer ā€“ could be a Trojan horse!

    If not, I believe the site has fallen into the trap by putting up full content of the spam messages unconditionally.

  • My simple thoughts are we can never stop these Little SOTONGs by hitting back, but can hopefully ignore through fun solutions like filtered spam folder …

    My humble thoughts are we can let the Big Brothers know through awareness, such as Best Practice/ Quality/ Accreditation/ Sustainability/ CSR/ ISO 26000/ …

  • Jian MX says:

    Email is easy to get rid. You can direct to the trash if they send again, but not new one. What I am agitated at is hp spam. Handphone is a private device for personal use and yet they stole it to make money. They force you to accept the sms and don’t care whether you like it or not. They want your hp in their data to make money and will never delete it even if you unsub it. We should all fuck them back!

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