97861508 – Herbalife scam operator


DATE: 25/4/2012
———— ————————
HANDPHONE NUMBER: 97861508, Singtel
———— ————————
———— ————————
OTHER NUMBERS: SMS came from 96751345, but this number probably just set up to send SMSs, and is not a real number
———— ————————
NAME OF PERSON: Ivy Yap, “Wellness Coach”
———— ————————
EMAIL ADDRESS: gl1808@yahoo.com.sg
———— ————————
WEBSITE: http://www.magical4u.com
———— ————————
NAME OF ORGANISATION: Herbalife / various
———— ————————
CONTENT OF SMS: Looking for serious people to lose weight and stand a chance to win $1000. Pls log in to http://www.magical4U.com or call 6234 3063 for more info.
———— ————————
COMMENTS: Herbalife, the shonky multi-level marketing company, is sitting behind this one: classic lack of transparency and accountability, very difficult to find out who is doing what. magical4u.com is the website here, but this individual is associated with several related businesses. Search on “My Wellness Studio” and “My weight solution contest”. If you’re not familiar with Herbalife, the business model is to sell overpriced “health” products to fools, and to recruit those fools to sell to other fools.
———— ————————
PURELY FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES: singapore junk spam sms 6596751345 6562343063 62343063 6597861508
———— ————————
SUGGESTIONS FOR HOW TO SHOW SOME LOVE: These details are for one of the low-level Herbalife scam operators, and we’ll provide details on how to move up the ladder with Herbalife to its management level, soon. But for now, best by far is to make use of this person’s handphone number, because she took pains to conceal it from public view. So you could:
1. Fill out the website enquiry form with bogus details, preferably with the handphone number of another spam pest
2. Use the Singtel web-to-sms service (see “Spam SMS – What to do” on the left hand side of this blog for the url) to send this person (non-threatening, non-abusive) messages, and sign off by mentioning this blog.
———— ————————

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