List of Singapore SMS spam & email pests

Here we provide a list of Singapore SMS spam pests, and their details. Hover the pointer over “List of Singapore SMS spam pests” on the left hand side and you’ll see pages nested underneath with each one. Give them a call – let them know you’re thinking of them.

If you have details of other spam pests for us, please leave a comment with full details (but we need the pest’s real handphone number, not the mobile number that the spam SMS came from).

Here they are:

Alan Han (Wei Law), Founding Director, Star Zest, 96447805 (M1) and 97807243 (Singtel)

Casia Kwa, property agent, Huttons, 94599594 (Singtel)

Ivan Seah, property agent, Huttons, 91736219 (Singtel) and 81016111 (M1)

Ivy Yap – Wellness coach, Herbalife, 97861508 (Singtel)

Jason Low, property agent, Knight Frank, 98731074 (M1)

KS Tan, property agent (HSR International/Knight Frank), 90060063 (Starhub)

Michael Peh, ****high value target – senior exec****, senior partner at Huttons, 94753802 (M1)

Vincent Ong, property agent with Knight Frank, 98531741 (Starhub) and 81876384

Freddy Ngiam – spam emperor of Singapore, WMS Group/ Jobsupermart/ starbiz3/, 94511162 (Starhub)

Yiping Goh & Wayne Goh, alldeals asia

Steven Ngoi, trawling the sludge of shady get-rich-quick schemes and actively selling his database of 2 million Singaporean email address to other spammers, 93218039 (M1)

§ 22 Responses to List of Singapore SMS spam & email pests

  • IJ says:

    My Comapny Credit Exprez offer Fast Cash on Same DAY.Rates are low and No paperwork or faxing Documents needed.i can render my serivce to you

  • IJ says:

    -No hacking
    -Direct low $
    -Licensed >20 yrs
    91004848 ST
    Unsub- un

  • AC (Singapore) says:

    Thank you for doing this! here is my list so far!
    property agent YAP (KF) 91817025, 90477372
    tuition 83384947, 96480729
    property agent Steven 90282165, 84980615
    property agent 91688049
    property agent Eugene Koh (KF) 91829284, 9182966
    property agent KS 90060063, 94224463
    property agent Cassandra (KF) 81268668, 94899621
    Yvone HTNS 92211177; 94511675
    Zora (KF) property agent 93875363 90059413;

  • Eric says:

    This “Trillion Properties” with regn R014139B keep spamming my mobile with SMS promoting their properties. I have replied to unsubscribe twice but the spamming SMS keeps coming, damn annoying. Can I report this to IDA? According to the SMS, the name is “Pravin”. Today it promotes Brazil properties, but truth is, it’s a scam.

  • Jon says:


    Some faggot sending these messages with mobile number: 91825646

  • Vivian says:

    Ms. Tham, Claimed she got my number from their company system. HP: 9451 8085

  • raptuz says:

    91012710 (StarHub): unknown tuition agency

  • FedUpWithSpam says:

    Spam SMS from ALEX at MAX CREDIT on +65 9074 21:

    If you need financial help you can call me,my company is provided personal loan,Flexible Repayment.Lowest Interest Alex here from Max Credit.NO SMS Thanks

    I telephoned him and asked him to stop but he’s since sent the same message three more times. (Such poor English, too!)

  • […] out there. Then this son-of-a-seafaring-cockroach Jason Low spammed us via SMS. Our friends at SpamFightBack have a dossier on him too. This asshole looks like a Changi Village faggot that was probably sodomised. He […]

  • Zhang says:

    Is this legal??? What a way to make a living!!!

    Sell credit card holder hand phone no. 1M number at $1500. 2M number at $2000. Call/SMS 92203289 for fast deal.

    Sell 1.5 Million SG Emails at $1500. Call/SMS 92203289 for fast deal.

    Sell 2 Million Handphone $2000. Call/SMS 92203289 for fast deal.

  • Lim Boon Seng says:

    Ms Tham (NIE trained school teacher)
    Tel: 63845607

  • PRIYANKA says:

    Jeremy – 8440 0731 – Persoanl loan, asking to call if we want to remove our numbers from database

  • Jason, Knight Frank, property agent – 98731074

  • Dan says:

    98420241 Aldric tan

    Spam non stop after I told him many times not to.

  • Jian MX says:

    This is one of the data company that spam mine.
    Despite UNSUB it a hundred times, I still keep getting it from mainly property agents.
    This company stole my hp from credit card bank, cos it has infer on your pay scale.
    I had since cancelled the credit card, but it never go away.
    This fucker keep recycling my hp and sell it as new fresh nos.
    He must have divide the hp data into lots and claim it is new in order to sell it.
    Lazy property agents will gladly buy from him.
    I just received another one from ERA.
    We all should spam him too.

    I called them and a lady answered and become very aggressive when I ask why they spam. She even blame me for participating in lucky draw and allow my hp to be used. Thats their usual answer. Pack of lies!

    SIAPPA (
    184 Toa Payoh Central #02-358
    Singapore 310184
    (+65) 96682657

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