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April 28, 2012 § 19 Comments

This blog is dedicated to fighting back against spam pests – because let’s face it, they’re a little out of control at the moment and the law isn’t on our side (yet) in Singapore. We’re talking particularly about SMS spam here, but we’ll move on to email spam shortly. These rude, invasive clowns are a public menace – sure there are more pressing problems around the place, but here’s one that is still worthy of some grassroots insurgent activity. Home tuition agencies, aggressive property agents, insurance agents and Herbalife primitive life forms – you have been warned.

On this blog you’ll find, in the pages on the left hand side, ideas on what to do with SMS spam, and a List of Singapore SMS Spam Pests. So fight back … assuming you choose not to:

[1] ignore it and suffer it silently, like 99.9% of people (and that’s why they keep doing it, btw);

[2] take them up on their offer (you’re actively encouraging them – we’ll set up a blog for you idiots soon);

[3] hit the “UN” option at the end of the SMS (if this is you, I’ve got some very sad news for you …)

Keep it legal, no threats, and no personal abuse. You’re merely trying to give these people a smack, remember.

Happy anti-spamming.

Victor Charlie

§ 19 Responses to Join the fight

  • Mak JM says:


    I use to get a lot of spam from Huttons on Property, I wrote and call in to CEA and Huttons got a Huge fine and stop.

    Recently I am on the war path with Knight Frank.
    I have written to CEA and will see what happens.

    Advise capture all spam messages, store them as evidence and send to CEA.
    Find out which stupid company they work for and Let CEA send their bosses a LETTER.

    I always tell the agent that I am going to report them.

    Sometimes those arrogant fools think its funny and reply with cheeky sms. Keep those and send to CEA too.

    They get heavier fines , because all agents know its illegal to spam but since no one reports them. they keep doing it.

    Tell them who’s boss and they will start learning when they start paying from their pocket.

    If they don’t respect us, Why should I respect them back.

    • Thanks for the comment. I just put a Huttons property agent up there – Casia Kwa. Glad to hear the CEA does something when you report an agent, although my understanding is that spamming is not technically illegal. Perhaps the CEA is imposing their own code of conduct. We’ll start putting the property agents’ senior executives’ mobile phone numbers up here soon. If the top layer of Huttons gets prank sms’s every time one of their agents sends out a spam blast – well I am sure that will get results.
      Thanks again for the comment.

      • Terence says:

        Victor spamming is not illegal , repeat spamming after being notified of unsubscribe is .

        Cea has a code of conduct for all agents . The problem is that people don’t know .

        Don’t wack the agent . Wack the company .

        They have thousands of agents . Every agent sends you one spam and you will have nightmares .
        Every agent will say it hey will unsubscribe you but another agent will take it and send you .

        If everyone reports to cea I am sure the companies will get in trouble .

        Don’t take things passive if you want to be spam free !

      • You’re right Terence, and thanks for the input. Two things: (1) Spamming isn’t illegal, but it’s wrong, and whacking the agent feels good. (2) You’re absolutely correct – there’s very low leverage in whacking the agent. We’re starting to collect the mobile phone numbers of the MD/CEO and other senior management/Board members of the companies that these agents belong to, and we’ll publish them. That may well change behaviour …

      • Terence says:

        Hey victor

        Happy to see progress on your side and my comment on hitting the top seems to work !

        Happy holidays !

    • Terence says:

      Spamming activities from knight frank

      Recently I been getting a lot of spam activities from the company .

      I been gathering screen captures of the SMS and forwarding to

      I am determine to get the company to get fine and stop the spamming .

      If everyone gets in together and send to cea . I am sure cea will listen and do something about this .

      Shall we launch a active campaign to stop spamming from property agents !

      Victor you want to lead the way ?

      • Victor says:

        I’d like to, but am limited by time. I’m interested in high leverage activities which hurt these dickheads. Your idea is one. I’ll contact the CEA and find out what they intend to do with this feedback – I am skeptical that they will do anything. Spamming the mobile numbers of the people who CONTROL these organisations is another. So please SPAM THE MOBILE NUMBERS OF THE PEOPLE I HAVE LISTED ON THE SPAM PEST PAGE !

  • Spamhater says:

    Imagine finding a group of like-minded spam haters here!
    I thought I was the only one who wasn’t indifferent about receiving sms spam 😀
    I dread sms spam so much that I keep my phone number private to all but the closest friends, and use a pre-paid number on a separate phone for public disclosure for casual work and non-work stuff. Spammers have given me many angry moments and I really despise the property agents and spam marketers and the idiotic government that has been over passive about protecting privacy. I don’t even know if their “Do Not Call Registry” in 2013 will even work, since they seem half hearted in setting punitive and monitoring measures.

    I’ll add your blog to my favourites list to keep an eye on new developments. Hope to help in the cause when momentum starts picking up! Thanks y’all!

  • Singaporean says:

    I feel that it is necessary to add the following comments about your spamfightback blog:
    Appreciate if you can put this up for better clarify to reflect a clearer picture of the situation at hand:

    1. is Email Marketing a crime:

    2. Is Email Marketing ILLEGAL in Spore?

    3. Is there a law that govern “Spamming” in Singapore
    YES, Spam Control Act.

    4. Does the consumers have a right to opt out & request not to receive the advertising emails again?
    YES, just clickon Opt-out link provided on the mailer or call the Advertiser to stop sending to your email.
    NOTE: You must give your email address in order for the Sender to act.

    Thank you
    A Singapore citizen
    Be fair…have a clear head

    • Ah Mr Ngiam, we see you have crept out from behind your spamming machine. We have had a few of our supporters targeting you recently, so glad it has had some impact. The pressure will increase for you, not decrease. We are getting sent many, many spam emails and sms’s that originate from your spam databases such as bizoffers08, bizstar19, bluemountain14. We want to put you out of business.
      Firstly let us address questions 1-3 in your comment. You need to distinguish between what is legal and what is right. If you do something that is legal but not right, then you are fair game. We hate to seem overly dramatic but Germany’s treatment of Jews before WW2 (i.e. before Hitler started murdering them, when they merely had their property rights taken away, were discriminated against etc) was legal, but not right. South Africa’s system of apartheid prior to 1992 was legal, but not right. Slavery was legal, but not right. These examples are a bit dramatic, but you get the point, yes ? So please don’t hide behind what is clearly a legal vaccuum and claim that because what you do is legal, you are a living saint. We couldn’t give a flying fuck if what you do is legal – it is SO CLEARLY NOT RIGHT that, if it was, you wouldn’t be forced to use a lowlife bottom-feeder ISP like hostwinds to host all your spam, because if what you were doing was so “right”, any ISP would host you. Funny isn’t it that you are using an ISP run by shonkmeister Peter Holden that generates a significant chunk of worldwide spam traffic. Your activities so clearly upset, inconvenience and disrupt so many people, that we have made it our mission to fill the gap that the law has presented to us. So we will not stop until we have driven you and your big spam machine out of business. We will put pressure on you, on your employees, and on the companies that use your services. The law will soon catch up.
      And while we are on items 1-3, what we are doing is perfectly legal also. We are merely encouraging people to contact you, directly, to let you know that you are upsetting them. There is nothing illegal in that. What you seem to be saying is that you resent the intrusion into your private affairs. Well suck it up, because you are going to get a lot more of it. If some people stray over the line and do naughty things, like create Craigslist ads with your mobile phone number (94511162) on them, well, very sorry about that, it’s definitely not something we condone …
      As to Question 4. How rude, arrogant you are. “Opt out” and “request” to be removed ? From something they never opted in to in the first place ? And meaning they make all the effort ? And also take a risk because when they click “unsub” you do not honour the request ? How rude. You are shonky, and when people “unsub” to your spam, life becomes worse for them because you do not honour the request, we don’t care what you say.
      If you choose to spam us, we will bite back, and if you think we will give you our email addresses/phone numbers so you can make the problem go away at no cost to yourself, well, news for you. It is not OK to inconvenience and invade the privacy of people the way you do, people just going about their lives. We plan to drive you out of business. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      • Singaporean says:

        Hi If I may add:

        1. It is better for you to stop complaining and provide
        proof that you have been spammed.

        2. Spammers are not hard core criminals, they are small time businesspeople making a living. They will listen to you and act accordingly to resolve the issue.

        3. If you have no proof or simply refuse to give proof then there is nothing to talk.

        4. If you provide proof and the Sender refuse to stop spamming you then there are many avenues for you to seek for reddress.
        4. I think everyone would agree with me that the above suggestions are fair.
        5. By the way who are you? Are you a Singaporean?

        A fellow Singaporean….be fair…think with a clear head. .

      • 1-5, here we go.
        1. Proof ? for whom ? What are you talking about ? We don’t need proof. We know what we know.
        2. They are small time business people who have no respect for people’s privacy and happy to shove their way into people’s lives causing inconvenience. Therefore we will punish them. Spank their little bottoms.
        3. See #1. You are in the dock, not us, big guy.
        4. Yeah, sure, but we couldn’t be bothered. That’s more inconvenience to us. We’ll take a different path. Not interested in little measures that allow you to continue on with your spamming
        4. All those suggestions give you a free pass. So we won’t do them. We’ll take our own approach, which causes you some pain so you go out of business and stop invading people’s privacy
        5. There are a number of us actually. What do you think ? That we are Yanks here on a 2 year posting who has decided to help solve Singapore’s spam problem ?

      • Singaporean says:

        Hey you are in foreign land and yet you refuse to follow Singapore laws. Stop imposing your own set of laws on us. We are Singaporeans here. The laws are just and fair here in Singapore. It will catchup with you…

      • WE’re ALL Singaporeans, moron. Just like the singaporeans on this forum who are sick to death of you and other spammers like you:

  • fn says:

    To Victor Charlie/owner SpamFightBack blog
    Ive sent you a copy of Police Report No: A/20130313/2114 against you for harrassment.
    All your actions are recorded as evidence for further investigation and eventual prosecution.
    You cant escape the strong arm of the laws in Singapore.
    I urge you to stop all forms of harrassments.

    freddy ngiam

    • Good luck with that:
      (1) victor charlie is not one person
      (2) not quite sure what harassment you are talking about. We cannot control the people who come on to our blog and decide to follow our helpful advice in making personal contact with spammers such as yourself. So if you are talking about getting emails/phone calls from people telling you to stop spamming, sorry we can’t help you with that. We are getting quite a bit of traffic to this blog now – people plugging handphone numbers into Google after they get a spam SMS from one of your customers, and they come straight to our site and see that you are behind most of it. That’s the game you are in pal. I am not aware of any law we are breaking by providing a public service like this and encouraging people to contact you (we encourage them to be polite). Can you tell us what law is being broken ? No, didn’t think so. So enough with the silly little scary threat. Ooooh. The blog will remain, and we hope spam victims will continue to contact you. I believe some new similar blogs may be springing up also in the near future – nothing to do with us of course, but we are truly delighted.
      And by the way, the three of us in the core team here are all leaving S’pore end of the month, and two of us won’t be back for quite some time. But our hearts will remain in S’pore so we’ll keep the blog going. Once again, good luck making your “harassment” stick, I’m sure the police will treat it as a number 1 priority.

    • Henrietta Stormtrooper says:

      Victor Charlie – shalom. Freddy Ngiam – go to Hell man. You have no support from people in SP. Suggest you get proper job that don’t involve harassing people. Your days numbered. I’ll be starting my own web blog dedicated to you, gonna list all email addresses and phone numbers of all your customers – look out for it

  • Jian MX says:

    Targeting the source is the correct way. The data companies. They are the one who stole and sold our hp to these lazy property agents who are rich enough to purchase the data. A good source of income for the data companies who will find all means to steal more hp to sell it to them. They will not stop and do not care whether we like it or not. They have no respect for us, why should we respect them.

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