96447805 – Star Zest Home Tuition spammer


DATE: 1/3/2012
———— ————————
———— ————————
LANDLINE NUMBER: 63845607 (Star Zest)
———— ————————
———— ————————
NAME OF PERSON: Han Wei Law, Founding Director
———— ————————
———— ————————
WEBSITE: http://www.starzesttuitionagency.com.sg
———— ————————
NAME OF ORGANISATION: Star Zest Home Tuition
———— ————————
CONTENT OF SMS: [Looking for home tuition clients]
———— ————————
COMMENTS: Home tuition agency. Serial pest, one of several in that industry.
———— ————————
PURELY FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES: singapore junk spam sms  6596447805 6563845607
———— ————————
SUGGESTIONS FOR HOW TO SHOW SOME LOVE: This is the founding director of the company that keeps sending out SMS spam, so this is the best point of leverage. Best by far is to make use of the handphone number, because this person took pains to conceal it from public view. So you could:
1. Fill out the website enquiry form with bogus details, preferably with the handphone number of another spam pest
2. Use the M1 web-to-sms service (see “Spam SMS – What to do” on the left hand side of this blog for the url) to send this person (non-threatening, non-abusive) messages, and sign off by mentioning this blog.
———— ————————

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