Freddy Ngiam – spam emperor of Singapore, WMS Group/ Jobsupermart/ starbiz3/, 94511162 (Starhub)

This gentleman has been selling a contact database of 2 million names to anyone who is willing to pay for it. I will continue to respond to this gentleman, and others like him, like a rattlesnake, and encourage others to do the same.

—– Have received the following content —–
Sender: .
Receiver: lylyjob,hr5,ak,linatanjob,lilian_ad,tuition,fn,enquiry,cv,contact,rozie,kamini_ad,jochai_ad,pangjob,partners,christinejob,carol_ad,ir_ad,enquiry,steven_ad,feedback,service,ceo,lai_ad,vivian,doris,kelly,alerene,alice,annie,joanne,cindy,angela,jace,anne,freddy,joyce,irene,vinna,carol,lilian,vivian_ad,doris_ad,kelly_ad,alerene_ad,alice_ad,annie_ad,joanne_ad,cindy_ad,angela_ad,jace_ad,anne_ad,rozie_ad,freddy_ad,joyce_ad,irene_ad,vinna_ad,vivianjob,dorisjob,kellyjob,alerenejob,alicejob,anniejob,joannejob,cindyjob,angelajob,jacejob,annejob,roziejob,freddyjob,joycejob,irenejob,vinnajob,caroljob,lilianjob
Time: 2012-10-24, 00:29:19
Subject: Re:

Dear Mr Ngiam,

It’s becoming very apparent to me that you are behind a significant proportion of spam that is floating across Singapore. I am going to take retaliatory action:

I am going to put your mobile number up on (another) anti-spam website that I run
I am going to complain to MOM about the employment agencies you are associated with
I am going to tie up your staff with bogus employment queries
You need to have more respect for people’s privacy.


Time: 2012-10-25, 16:59:53
Subject: Rs: Fw: Re:
No response. Well, Freddy, tomorrow, I will spend a couple of hours entering your mobile phone number (94511162) and your various companies’ landline numbers on as many real estate agent enquiry forms as I can manage over the space of two hours.

You are a spam pest and you are going to be on the receiving end for a while.

Yours truly
Sender: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-25, 18:20:20
Subject: Fw:
To: owner of email:

You have been harrassing me via various channels for the past few days.
Pls let me know your concerns or agenda behind these actions against me.

Ive been running various legitimate businesses for the past 22 years with full
compliance of the laws in Singapore. In the process Ive helped hundreds of people
secure meangingful jobs working from home and earning a decent income
In the process they also found jobs for thousands of job seekers working with companies in Singapore
& Malaysia.

I dont really understand you. If you are not happy with receiving our unsolicit emails ad message,
pls let us know your emails for deletion.
We have been deleting all emails from people who do not wish to receive our emails.
If we have inadvertenly omitted to delete your emails, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
>>>May i repeat again.
If you do not wish to receive our emails, pls list them down here for deletion, so that you will not receive
any emails from us again.
This is consistent with the Spam Control Act of Singapore.

Singapore is a lawful country and I urge you to stop all the harrassments against me or any of my employees …immediately.
Be a gentlemen, dont hide under the shadow of the web.
Im willing to meet you to hear your concerns and resolve them amicably.
I can meet you at IDA, MOM or the police station.
Pls repond and act rationally. Otherwise the law will catchup with you.
In Singapore you cant hide for long. The arms of the law is fair to all.

Rgds/God bless!!
freddy ngiam
—– Have received the following content —–
Sender: .
Time: 2012-10-26, 14:24:03
Subject: Re: Fw:
I believe you have an unusually distorted view of what is and is not reasonable corporate behaviour.

Good for you that you have provided jobs to sick old ladies etc etc. I don’t care about that. What has it got to do with you making money from invading people’s privacy by selling their contact details to spammers, exactly ?

Singapore anti-spam regulations are still too lax, and so I, along with some others like the people on various forums [eg are stepping in to plug the gap. You may or may not be operating in compliance of the law, but the law is out of step I am afraid and so hiding behind lax laws will not save you from the wrath of people you have upset.

You seem quite naive about where fault lies here. You say, in your post that I mentioned above [] where you are trying to defend your actions:
“Another scenario is that 3rd parties sent their advertising sms through database bought from us. This you would agree with me that I cannot control. It is up to the individual property agent, car dealer, loan co etc to unsub you.”


Let’s imagine for a moment that you sold my contact details to 100 database buyers. And given the shonky nature of people and organisations that operate in this space, let’s say that 50 of the 100 are responsible and civilised, and will comply with an unsub request. And let’s say that over the space of three months each of these 100 organisations hit me three times. And let’s say I am overseas when I receive these spam emails. So this is what we have:
– Over 3 months I receive 300 junk emails, which I pay my telco on overseas roaming rates to download.
– Each one is an invasion of privacy that I resent, and distracts me from trying to earn a living and run my life
– I go out of my way to unsubscribe to them all.
– 50 of them honour the unsub request. 50 don’t. In fact, the 50 that don’t then know my email address is real, and they keep spamming me, and even resell my contact details on.

And you are telling me that this is not YOUR problem …? Because you merely sold my contact details to them … and it is not your fault ?!?

I am not going to unsubscribe from your database, because that would be giving you a free ride, and there is simply no incentive for you to stop spamming people then. You’ll just keep on spamming them, selling their details. Inconveniencing people, forcing them to waste their time to protect their privacy, and in many cases making the situation worse for themselves when they try to unsubscribe from a shonky organisation’s mass communications.
You have been warned. Find less parasitic ways to make money, that do not upset people who are trying to run their lives their own way. If you continue to upset me with spam emails, or if third parties whom you have sold my contact details to continue to upset me, I shall retaliate, in ways that force you to consider the nature of personal privacy.
There is a simple test for you to follow to determine whether what you are doing is appropriate and defensible: Are you prepared to put your name and your mobile number at the bottom of each spam email that originates from your organisation ? If the answer is No, then you are doing the wrong thing, pal, it is as simple as that.
I have sent this email just to you, but next time I’ll send to all your staff, and also include the people who run the organisations who buy your spam lists. Your mobile number is up on our website now, and I cannot be held responsible for what people do with it.
As for the police catching up with me – good luck with that. I don’t even live in Singapore, in any case I use proxy servers, and on public networks. My advantage is that you don’t know who I am, and I will continue to exploit that advantage.
I repeat, stop the spam, and stop invading people’s privacy.

—– Receiving the following content —–
From: Mail Admin
Receiver: .
Time: 2012-10-26, 15:35:10
Subject: Re: Fw:
I think you got all wrong.
The last time yes i sold the database to 3rd party.
But i have stopped and agreed to takedown the emailinghub website.
The case has been closed long ago.

Now you are bringing in the same issues again which is totally out of date and settled as far as im concern.
With regards to emailing, we take pains to delete whoever who complains to us, incuding your:
I promise you i will delete your emails. I do understand how you feel.
But really there is no point for us to keep your contacts to resale or reuse them.
This will only attract more complains and problems for us/our team.

I hope you see my point and undertsand the points mentioned above.
I really DO NOT WISH to provoke you, annoy you or cause further problems.
I want to do business, work peacefully and provide meaningful employments to the needy.
I believe you are a righteous person. You are also resourseful and creative.
Why dont you channel your talents and resources to other more worthy cause.
I can arrange suitable job for you if needed.
PLS let me know your emails for deletion.
I really do not wish to disturb you nor invade your privacy.
Sender: .
Receiver: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-26, 15:54:31
Subject: Re: Re: Fw:
This one was received yesterday:
Emailinghub appears to be very active.
If third parties are continuing to spam people from contact lists you have provided in the past, well then you will need to terminate your contractual arrangements with them from this point forwards, won’t you. You created this problem, and it is yours to fix.
Perhaps you could also donate any money you have received from this sort of invasive, exploitative activity to charity.
From: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-26, 17:16:27
Subject: victor
Emailinghub has ceased its business of selling database and this is a condition that was agreed upon with those guys at the forum.
Now this site is used for web design hosting purpose.
Yes i still feel bad about those data ive sold and im trying to repay back to society.
Getting into this employment business for the past 22 years has been the most fulfiling chapter of my life.
I get to work with those people who are homebound and they appreciate my help and contribution to their life.
In the process they in turn helped many others to find jobs and change their life down the line.
Whoever pls believe me i will not resale or use your data.
I just need them so that i wont disturb you anymore.
By the way are you still receive those emails at
I promise you it has been deleted at our database.
So your emails for deletion are?


—– Have received the following content —–
Sender: .
Receiver: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-26, 17:35:31
Subject: Re: victor
You’ll need to stop it from being used for web design hosting then. As far as I am concerned, if it is still being actively used, you are still promoting spam
—– Receiving the following content —–


—– Receiving the following content —–
From: Mail Admin
Receiver: .
Time: 2012-10-26, 17:45:21
Subject: Re: victor

ok i will arrange to deactivate emailinghub.
Hope you do not harrass me or any of my staff again.
I would appreciate if you can reveal those emails
that need to UNsubscribe.
So i will not disturb you with spam again..
It is a deal.
Trust me.

—– Have received the following content —–
Sender: .
Receiver: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-26, 18:45:31
Subject: Re: Re: victor
I do not need to trust you. I will simply look at the outcomes, and base my actions on them.

I’ve already begun communicating with some of the companies that you have sold your 2 million strong email database to, and I am getting a somewhat different story from them to the one you are spinning. I will continue my communications with these companies and, believe me, I have the capacity to cause you plenty of headaches.

I’ll be watching developments with keen interest. You are bringing all of this on yourself. Get out of the spam business, for your own sake.
—– Receiving the following content —–
From: Mail Admin
Receiver: .
Time: 2012-10-26, 21:43:18
Subject: Re: Re: victor
As agreed Ive arranged for emailinghub site to be deactivated.
I want to let you know again I no longer involved in selling database since 1 year ago.
Now Im involved in doing email marketing for my clients in strict compliance to the law.
There are many email marketing companies in Singapore and many more big ones listed in US.
Are you going to stop all these companies from doing email blast activities?
I feel that if you are annoyed with such activities you shd Optout.
If you dont optout your data still remains and there is no way to stop sending to you.
I urge you to be fair to us. We do not wish to violate your privacy but you must give us a chance
to get your data for deletion.

—– Have received the following content —–
Sender: .
Receiver: Mail Admin
Time: 2012-10-27, 09:41:33
Subject: Re: Re: Re: victor
You are not listening are you.

If you choose to invade the privacy of a perfect stranger with a communication that is of no relevance to him/her, then it is not reasonable to expect that person to go out of their way to try to remove themself from your spam list. That is just rude. And, more to the point, when most of these attempts at unsubscribing result in more spam not less spam, there is in fact no risk-free way for recipients to remove themselves.

Just to be clear. When I receive spam in the future, I will try to find the highest-leverage, most punitive way, to stop that spam. Unsubscribing from a particular spam is the opposite of that: it is extremely low leverage and, far from being punitive, it in fact encourages the spammer (because it validates his business model – provides a costless way to avoid annoying people, but in the process inconveniencing the recipient). So please remember that: I always look for high leverage and most-punitive. That means I will target the individual himself (mobile number, email address), employees associated with that person (embarassment), and clients of that person (embarassment and also commercial loss, since they might start complaining to the spammer if they realise what is going on). There are lots of ways to use leverage.

So, in summary, because I am feeling that you are not really taking any of this in:
If someone spams me I will retaliate, in a high-leverage and punitive way
If that someone is you, going forward, I will keep escalating


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