Currently targeting

Here we list the spam pests currently being targeted by us and our supporters. These are the individuals you should lavish with extra special attention. These are the people you should be expending energy on, whether it’s phone calls, SMSs (use the free web-to-SMS facilities we list on this site), emails or anything else (we don’t condone fake Craigslist or Gumtree ads …). No threats please, keep it civil, but be firm. Just tell them what you think about their involvement in spam activities. And tell them many times. The web-to-SMS services from Singtel, Starhub and M1 will allow you to achieve a lot of punch in a short space of time. Be creative, eg. SMS spammers and leave other spammers’ contact numbers on the SMS.

If you need to contact us, leave a comment (comments are vetted, and we won’t publish the comment if it’s “private” in nature).

For the month of MARCH 2013, our special guest stars are:

Name: Michael Peh
Organisation: Huttons Property
Role: Senior Partner and Operations Manager
Mobile phone number: 94753802 (M1)
Why targeted: Huttons agents contribute a large proportion of all property-related smap SMS and emals in Singapore. This gentleman is close to the top of the pyramid. Hold him personally responsible for every spam that goes out under this company’s name.

Name: Yiping Goh
Organisation: AllDealsAsia
Role: Founder of Alldealsasia 81255567 (Singtel)
Mobile phone number: 81255567 (Singtel)
Email address
Why targeted: This organisation spams pretty much the whole of Singapore with useless consumer offers.

Name: Steven Ngoi
Organisation: Various
Role: Heads up a lot of dodgy operations
Mobile phone number: 9321 8039 [M1]
Email address
Why targeted: This charming man SELLS SINGAPORE SPAM DATABASES to other spammers. Knock him out and you might knock out half the spam in Singapore. He also hawks pyramid, multi level marketing and various other “online” schemes designed for the dim-witted and gullible

Name: Freddy Ngiam
Organisation: Various
Role: Head of numerous operations
Mobile phone number: 94511162 (Starhub)
Why targeted: Spam king of Singapore. Operates a number of spam-intensive outfits, including WMS Group, various tuition portals, and online sites (eg., designed for spammers to send their spams from. He uses a highly dodgy ISP in the US, hostwinds, which itself specialises in hosting spam services (most ISPs forbid this). Google “Freddy Ngiam” and “spam” and you’ll find out what a few people think about this gentleman

§ 13 Responses to Currently targeting

  • rmn says:

    Thanks, I was looking for databases to buy and you have a very nice list 😉

  • […] in the spamming underworld of Singapore. There is a whole dossier on him on Hardwarezone and Spamfightback. His name is Freddy Ngiam and he can be reached at […]

  • Karl says:

    Hi guys love your work. Is there no official reporting body in Singapore? Does it really have to be left to the public to sort this one out?

    Two I am getting multiple hits from are Steven financial help 84410654 and Alex financial,help 84403357

  • Irritated says:

    Name: Eric
    Role: Dubious telesales for some loan packages
    Why targeted: What is worse then a SMS Spammer? A SMS Spammer who also spams with you with telesales call. You said no thank you, not interested. He says I will send you an SMS with details. you say no do not send or call in the future. He still freaking SMS spam you.

  • […] is Steven Ngoi. This bastard is the king of all the spammers. There is a big dossier on him on SpamFightBack and we will be adding to what he is. This is is his Facebook page, showing him on holiday in […]

  • […] this fellow up and complain to him. He is a big wheel in Huttons, a senior partner according to SpamFightBack. We are going to get as much info as we can from this fellow in due time but at the present, this […]

  • T. Heng says:

    Name: Ryan Choy Mun Chun
    Organisation: Huttons Property
    Role: Senior Group Director
    Mobile phone number: 81275259 (Starhub)

    Do you need me to give you the exact spam message he sent me?

  • T. Heng says:

    Name: Eddie Tan
    Mobile phone number: 90044258
    Company: Knight Frank
    Number the SMS spam came from: 91697998

    Do you need me to give you the exact spam message he sent me?

  • Jian MX says:

    I got spammed after I signed up for a new credit card. Because I have no time to go to the bank and conveniently sign up at a make-shift store at a shopping centre with a legit bank. The PT saleman could be the culprit who stole and sell my hp to data company. I am targeted all by property spams. You need to submit payslip to apply for creditcard. You do the math, who else? Besides, I have been very careful in giving my hp away and its a new hp nos after I got rid of the prrevious one also because of spam. Unfortunately I have to surrender my hp to the bank because of the new rules by Visa. Thats it. Spam!

    Only one property agent reveal to me after I blasted at her over the phone for intruding into my privacy. The data company is Siappa owned by William Lai. I called the company and the recep answered. She wasn’t happy when I asked her how she got my number and blame me for participating in Lucky Draw. Same excuse I get from other agents spammer and they got the cheek to tell me not to participate in any lucky draw. How anal can they be? They stole my hp to make money!!

    We should all fight back despite the coming DO NOT CALL service. Not sure it will work for us. It will work for the important people like the ministers.

    • William Lai lists his h/p as 96682657. Find out which provider he is with, then send him lots of web SMSs using the links provided on this blog, invade his privacy, and then report back.

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